About Us

About Us

Since GoldMix established in 2009 , we believe that nothing is impossible as long as we armed with the willpower, hard work, latest equipments and passion for what we do and the remarkable growth of Gold Mix approve that we have made it possible and we still have a lot to achieve .

Throughout years of hard work, we established a successful name and reputation in the field of ready mixed concrete . The company produces various types of mixes to meet the demands of small houses and high performance concrete to meet the needs of large projects using the latest equipment produced by the largest international companies and through a strong team of Specialists and workers at the highest level of skill and training because the customer satisfaction and the quality of the product are the company's top priorities . This is evident in the company's interest in well equipped laboratories for testing raw materials and concrete and testing the samples taken from the site . In addition, Goldmix is subject to the supervision of the largest Egyptian accredited centers, which proceeds the calibration and periodic testing of concrete and raw materials

 So The company's name becomes combined with the highest quality standards according to international and Egyptian standards .

Gold Mix for Ready Mix Concrete is always involved in building the largest projects in Egyptian society and feels a constant responsibility towards it by training of university students and graduates and participation in social works and national projects.

 The company maintains the highest levels of safety for its employees and provides a good climate for teamwork and creativity and benefit from the ideas and abilities of youth .